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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Puttur Pincode / Post Office Search (DAKSHINA KANNADA, Karnataka)

Alankar S.O 574285PutturKarnataka
Ariadka B.O 574223PutturKarnataka
Aryapu S.O 574210PutturKarnataka
Badagannur B.O 574223PutturKarnataka
Bajathur B.O 574241PutturKarnataka
Ballya B.O 574221PutturKarnataka
Bannur B.O 574203PutturKarnataka
Bettampady B.O 574259PutturKarnataka
Bilinele B.O 574238PutturKarnataka
Bobbekri B.O 574328PutturKarnataka
Bolwar B.O 574201PutturKarnataka
Charvaka B.O 574328PutturKarnataka
Darbethadka B.O 574210PutturKarnataka
Dolpady B.O 574328PutturKarnataka
Golithattu B.O 574229PutturKarnataka
Gundia B.O 574229PutturKarnataka
Haleneranky B.O 574241PutturKarnataka
Hirebandady B.O 574241PutturKarnataka
Ichilampady B.O 574229PutturKarnataka
Irde B.O 574259PutturKarnataka
Kabaka S.O 574220PutturKarnataka
Kaddya B.O 574230PutturKarnataka
Kaikara B.O 574210PutturKarnataka
Kaimana B.O 574202PutturKarnataka
Karnoor B.O 574313PutturKarnataka
Kav S.O 574223PutturKarnataka
Kedambady B.O 574210PutturKarnataka
Kemminje B.O 574202PutturKarnataka
Kodimbady B.O 574325PutturKarnataka
Kodimbala B.O 574221PutturKarnataka
Kombar B.O 574230PutturKarnataka
Konalu B.O 574229PutturKarnataka
Kudippady B.O 574220PutturKarnataka
Kudmar B.O 574202PutturKarnataka
Kumbra B.O 574210PutturKarnataka
Kuriya B.O 574210PutturKarnataka
Kutrupady B.O 574221PutturKarnataka
Madav B.O 574210PutturKarnataka
Mardala B.O 574230PutturKarnataka
Mundur B.O 574202PutturKarnataka
Narimogru B.O 574202PutturKarnataka
Nellyadi S.O 574229PutturKarnataka
Nettana S.O 574230PutturKarnataka
Nidpalli B.O 574259PutturKarnataka
Padnur B.O 574220PutturKarnataka
Palthady B.O 574210PutturKarnataka
Panaje S.O 574259PutturKarnataka
Perabe B.O 574285PutturKarnataka
Perlampady B.O 574212PutturKarnataka
Pernaje B.O 574223PutturKarnataka
Punchappady B.O 574202PutturKarnataka
Ramakunja B.O 574241PutturKarnataka
Renjilady B.O 574221PutturKarnataka
Sarve B.O 574202PutturKarnataka
Shanthigodu B.O 574202PutturKarnataka
Sharavoor B.O 574285PutturKarnataka
Shirady B.O 574229PutturKarnataka
Shivapete B.O 574201PutturKarnataka
Ujirpade B.O 574203PutturKarnataka
Uppinangady S.O 574241PutturKarnataka
Volalu B.O 574241PutturKarnataka

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